The Lichtman laboratory at Harvard University and the Connectomics at Google team are releasing the “H01” dataset and companion paper. H01 is a 1.4 petabyte volume of a small sample of human brain tissue. The sample was imaged at nanoscale-resolution by serial section electron microscopy, reconstructed and annotated by automated computational techniques, and analyzed for preliminary insights into the structure of human cortex.

The dataset comprises roughly one cubic millimeter of imaging data, including tens of thousands of reconstructed neurons, millions of neuron fragments, 183 million annotated synapses, 100 proofread cells, and many additional subcellular annotations and structures — all easily accessible with the Neuroglancer browser interface. Specifically:

  • Science paper describing H01, the reconstructions, and analysis.
  • Cellular and subcellular structures in H01 viewable in Neuroglancer (see Gallery).
  • Embeddings that provide informative and concise representations of local fields of view of the data.
  • Instructions and examples for programmatic access to the data and its reconstructed products
  • CREST - Connectome Reconstruction and Exploration Simple Tool - for exploring and reconstructing connectomes
  • Proofreading using CAVE, or Connectome Annotation Versioning Engine