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L2 Interneurons

A selection of all L2 interneurons that have more than 800 incoming excitatory synapses

Excitatory/Inhibitory Synapses (Volumetric)

Incoming inhibitory (red) or excitatory (green) synapses, rendered over transparent neurons.

Cortical Layers

Layers 1-6 and white matter

Reconstructed Whorl

A whorl whose axon can be traced all the way back to the source cell.

6-Class Subcompartments

Volumetric labels for soma, axon, dendrite, astrocyte, axon initial segment, and cilia

Axon Whorl

Unique whorled axon that makes multiple florets and synapses on soma and dendritic shafts of spiny neurons

Blood Vessels *

Vasculature within the tissue rendered in 3D

Chandelier Cell

A chandelier cell and some of the pyramidal neurons it inhibits

Compartmentalized Fibrous Object

Conjoint Whorls

Dendrite inside soma

A dendrite from one cell tunneling through the soma of another

Egg-like Process

Egg shaped object with no associated processes.

Excitatory/Inhibitory Synapses (Point)

Incoming excitatory (yellow) and inhibitory (blue) synapses, rendered as point annotations

Fibrous Object

Unidentified object filled with fibrous substance.

Interacting Climbing Dendrites

Two dendrites from separate axons running in parallel, side-by-side

L4 Cell Bodies *

Layer 4 pyramidal neurons in red and the cells they are connected to (cell bodies only)

Multiple Membranous Rings

Myelinated object with multiple membranous rings.

Whorled Myelin

A loosely coiled bundle of myelin

Dual Myelinated Structures

Myelinated axon filled with unidentified substance

Myelinated Debris

Myelinated object filled with small debris.

Myelinated Dendrite (Gray)

A myelinated dendritic trunk appearing in gray matter

Myelinated Dendrite (White)

A myelinated dendritic trunk appearing in white matter

"Parasitic" Glial Cells

Many glial cells appear "glued" to onto large pyramidal cells, with many appearing right next to somas. More examples can be found in Neuroglancer via the "c-shaped" tag.

Unexplained Whorled Substance


A neuron with unusual propensity for self-contact (Credit: Rachael Han)

Serial Contact

An axon making repeated connections onto a dendrite

Engulfed Soma

A soma engulfed by another neuron's dendritic process

Spherical Structures

Unidentified object filled with small spherical structures.

Swollen Dendritic Spine

Swollen dendritic spine containing 150 intramembranous objects (segmented manually).

Neuron With Two Axons

Both make outgoing synapses within the volume.

Wandering Whorled Axon

Whorled axon that makes inhibitory synapses on cell soma and dendritic shafts.

Whorls Within Nucleus

Whorls within the soma surrounding a cell nucleus.

Soma Wrapping Around Blood Vessel

Unusually shaped pyramidal cell that appears to be wrapped around a nearby blood vessesl.

Wrapped Synapse

Synapse wrapped by astrocytic processes

Incoming Axons *

All ~4k incoming connections for a pyramidal cell, generated with CREST (note: very long load times)